Prophet Involved In Sex Scandal Makes Disturbing Prophecies On the Nigeria General Election

Pastor Chris Omatsola, the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Zionwealth Of Life Assembly (ZOLA), Lekki, Lagos, who was involved in a sex embarrassment - has given stunning predictions and expectations on Nigeria, Elections and 2019.

The minister stood out as truly newsworthy months prior after his sex tape with his previous sweetheart recognized as Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho surfaced on the web.

The following are the predictions discharged by the minister.

1. I see genuine blood share in River. Representative Wike Victory is of the Lord, yet God said he ought to accomplish more to stop the slaughter in River State, on the grounds that 2019 is Horrible.

2. Atiku Abubakar is my companion however his predetermination combine with Peter Obi isn't from God and entirely troublesome, nothing will leave his political association with Peter Obi. It may look fabulous yet not of the Lord. Atiku may lead Nigeria yet unquestionably not with Peter Obi, wrong fate combine.

3. Congressperson Dino Melaye ought to be pious, the base of what he is experiencing isn't simply political. It has to do with the Melaye establishment, his central forces are contending energetically against him, since he is conflicting with the convenant in the Family. He needs petition. His concern isn't Buhari, Jonathan or whoever. His concern is basic powers. There are things I may not say out in the open. The Melaye's don't transcend a specific dimension before they tumble down. He needs assistance.

4. Nigeria in danger to free a previous Head of State, a previous Governor, Elder Stateman in 2019. Supplicate!

5. Two Top Politicians will free their children in 2019, Pray For perfect mediation.

6. Jonathan will get increasingly global Honor, recorgnisions and arrangement in 2019.

7. Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi ought to expect more favors with Grandchildren in 2019. I see more harmony, joy and Joy in his rule in the midst of more analysis. God said the Man that will assume control from him isn't conceived yet.

8. Senator Nasir El Rufai ought not sob again over a youngster lost in 2019. I see the peculiar hand of death in the family, Please Pray against that.

9. God said Governor Rochas Okorocha should quiet down and give the desire of God a chance to be done in Imo State, God said he ought to be Grateful for how far he has brought him and made his fantasies come through. God said his wellbeing won't baffle him, I see an underhanded hand against his wellbeing and different things I would not have any desire to state out in the open. If you don't mind Grateful and Pray such.

10. NYSC coppers presented on Northern Nigeria ought to be extremely watchful, I see lost of lives and property. It would be ideal if you Pray against this.

11. Nigerian Government should consider the battle against Boko Haram important in light of the fact that there are progressively insidious plans slated for Nigeria by the insurrection in 2019. In their guide, they are resolved get Nigeria down, there is presently a genuine arrangement and fortification in the camp.

12. President Mohammedu Buhari is God's order for 2019. God said he is allowing President Buhari another chance to leave a mark on the world. Here is his chance to leave a lagacy as he has constantly wanted in his heart that Nigerian will always remember him. APC ought to be care of significant breakout after 2019 races. I see the hand if divisions in the midst of Victory. If it's not too much trouble observe. I see shock Victory for APC. APC winning more states and spreading more in 2019. Adams Oshiomole initiative in APC will profit the gathering profoundly and something else.

13. Nigerian Pastor ought to be increasingly watchful. I see fierced budgetary Criticism against the Church of God in Nigeria. Satan is pursuing a genuine however loosed fight against the Economy of the Church of Nigeria to debilitate it's quality, vioce and adequacy. I see more daddy solidify rising on the web against the Church and Men Of God.

14. Previous President Olusegun Obasanjo ought to be cautious about conventionalist around him, there is envy and an arrangement against his wellbeing and health. If it's not too much trouble Pray about it.

15. Representative Bukola Saraki ought to rapidly make harmony with those it concerns in order to maintain a strategic distance from fall and disgrace. I see genuine dispute and lost of domains. I see lost of political impacts. I see an extraordinary ascent and restriction against him. If you don't mind act quickly, carefully and as needs be.

16. Rev. Fr Mbaka ought to be cautious against death assaults. I see the tiredless hand of death assault against the Man of God. God said he ought to lessen his political inclusion and liveliness. He should concentrate on his unique calling. If it's not too much trouble implore and act as needs be.

17. Nigerians ought to be cautious and attentive against another poisum plot it might be more awful than MMM, it will finish in agonies, losts and tears.

18. Nigerian Senate may lost another conspicuous congressperson to the savage hands of Death in 2019. If you don't mind Pray.

20. Young women ought to be cautious with their life and implore against each type of custom assault. There is the abhorrent soul of formality in the general public among youthful grown-ups and tragically women are the people in question. If you don't mind supplicate and be cautious. In any case, guardians ought to implore against high school cultism as there is a malevolent plan to demolish lives of youthful grown-ups. It would be ideal if you ask.

21. A super building breakdown may guarantee lives some place in the Southern Nigeria. It would be ideal if you Pray.

22. Security agents in the South Niger Delta area ought to be at alarm, I see blood she'd and pressure. If you don't mind Pray.

23. Grandkids in the midst of Joy and satisfaction in the family of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwoso. In 2019, I see harmony and marvelous euphoria. I see wellbeing and satisfaction. Be progressively Grateful to God Almighty.

24. In 2019, I see assault from media on Davido's identity in the midst of more noteworthy achievement, I see him running new close to home organizations and venture outside music. Davido ought to appeal to God for his late mum, set an establishment to respect her and never given her name a chance to kick the bucket and be overlooked. I believe it's her desire. Davido ought to be extremely watchful about individuals around him and should shut his cycle a smidgen, he ought to be cautious about sustenance poison. David ought to unite his children and keep away from any longer infant mom in light of the fact that another may be en route. If you don't mind ask and act as needs be.

25. Daddy stop ought to approach God for pardoning and look for the essence of God more than at no other time. God said he isn't benefiting the assortment of Christ In any way. It would be ideal if you Pray.

27. Burna Boy should respect and love his mom the more on the off chance that he is keen on going much higher and keep on breaking new ground. God said he ought to diminish his admission of medications. Won't have any desire to state more out in the open.

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