You Won't Believe Why A Young Farmer Dragged Buhari's Aide To Court.

A young Nigerian agriculturist, Abdulkadir Muhammad, is looking for remuneration for a vocation he improved the situation the Senior Special Assistant to the President Muhammadu Buhari on Economic Management Team, Dolapo Bright.

Among January and June, Mr Muhammad was asked by the best helper to do three farming related achievability considers.

The first, on rice processing plant in Jigawa State, and the second, on bundling and capacity systems of short-lived cultivate create in northern Nigeria and the third, an assemblage of locales where transitory deliver are developed in 19 northern states.

Mr Muhammad had completed the assignments with the expectation of compensation and proceeded with association with the best helper yet things changed when he conveyed.


Worried about the trip of nearby rice from delivering networks to neighboring nations, 35-year-old Muhammad made an agri-tech site mid 2017.

The site, Magna Wealth, was planned to conquer any hindrance between nearby rice ranchers and Nigerians who are happy to buy the deliver.

"There is a great deal of exercises of the legislature in helping agriculturists to develop the rice yet there is quite much exertion to see these rice entering inwards Nigerian market. Most of the networks creating rice in Nigeria exist in fringe states so they (ranchers) offer it effectively to outsiders.

"I built up a site that I needed to relate to some key circulation operators so we can be gathering pre-season orders. In this way, we expected to relate to the ranchers since we can't move what we don't have. I'm increasingly worried that these rice ought to be sold to Nigerians as an augmentation of the advantage the CBN is providing for ranchers through the Anchors Borrowers Scheme so outsiders won't come and advantage what our administration spent on. Along these lines, I built up this site," he said.

Over the span of communication with the ranchers, one of them (agriculturists) acquainted him with Mr Bright who requested a proposition on his designs. After the principal association, Mr Bright welcomed the young to his office in Abuja in March 2017.


At the gathering, Mr Muhammad said the associate revealed to him that his proposition was bad enough and requested a redrafting.

Likewise at the gathering, Mr Muhammad requested the helper's help with setting up a distribution center and working capital.

While the gathering was getting to the tail, Mr Bright educated him that the central government was in an association with the Chinese government and would need to collaborate with sorted out ranchers to motivate them to profit. To encourage this communication, he was requested to create information and structure a rice process.

"Mr Dolapo disclosed to me that I required something that will draw in agriculturists to me. He said you required rice process. He requesting that I return to Jigawa, converse with composed agriculturists on the most proficient method to encourage government's mediations and get information for them. He was applauding and instructed me to do it in about fourteen days. He said we'll have a gathering after accommodation and another gathering with DG of BOA (Bank of Agriculture) on the rice process he needs assistance me with."

For this task, there was no concurred compensation nor was there a composed assention.

Inside the due date, be that as it may, Mr Muhammad presented a provide details regarding a proposed seven tons for every hour rice processing plant in Auyo Local Government Area of Jigawa State.

The 24-page report, a duplicate of which he provided for PREMIUM TIMES, incorporates advertise study, specialized detail, generation plan, showcasing plans, and assessment of basic issues among others.

Be that as it may, rather than making a physical accommodation of the report, Mr Muhammad sent it to Mr Bright's email, thusly denying himself of an affirmation duplicate.

A duplicate of the mail seen by this journalist demonstrates that the report was sent to Mr Dolapo on March 2, 2017 at 9:21 a.m.

"I in the long run went to Abuja and I considered him that I have to present the printed version so I can get my affirmation, he said he was in a gathering that I should get back to him.

"After three days, he considered me that the work was exceptionally superb. That why not me extend it to the 19 conditions of the north and present it to their governors as format with the goal that they will have information created and get ready ground for government intercession?"

To this demand, Mr Muhammad requested to be given money, a Hilux van to move around and a methods for distinguishing proof. He said Mr Bright did not give any of these but rather made another demand.

In May 2017, a clueless Mr Muhammad was requested to assemble information on transient products and rundown districts where they are developed in every one of the 19 conditions of northern Nigerian.

The report was finished up and submitted, once more, by means of email on Thursday, June 8, 2017.

The 732-kilobyte record subtleties neighborhood innovation in bundling and capacity of transient homestead create and rundown of locales where transitory deliver are developed in 19 northern states.

Once more, Mr Muhammad went to Abuja and requested to see Mr Bright to catch up on their underlying talks and present a printed version of his most recent report. In any case, as indicated by him, the associate continued giving him pardons and later quit noting calls.

Now, the rancher at that point acknowledged he may have been utilized.

Legitimate AID

After different unsuccessful endeavors to stand out enough to be noticed, the young in August 2017 moved toward a law office, Idi Danabubakar and Co., to front for him.

The firm on August 9, for Mr Muhammad, composed Mr Bright to request N150, 000, 000 to be paid inside seven days.

Mr Bright did not react, requiring a lawful activity but rather the agriculturist couldn't bear the cost of what was requested by his attorney.

Next, he reached the Legal Aid Council, a body which offers free thoughtful case administration to Nigerians. In a letter dated October 24, 2017 the gathering requested N275 million to be paid to the agriculturist at the latest November 30.

"This interest originates from the way that our customer's work is a licensed innovation which you know is significant and can be misused for financial favorable position by you, or your office, or anyone," the letter notes.

Once more, Mr Bright overlooked the letter.

Scholarly THEFT?

While Mr Muhammad was attempting endeavors to get made up for his work, the Federal Government on July 9, 2018 marked a N10 billion contract for the development of incorporated extensive scale rice preparing plants in 10 conditions of the league.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was marked between the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and MV Agro PVT of India and its accomplices, MV Agro Engineers Nigeria restricted.

The 10 states where the rice factories will be sited are Anambra, Kaduna, Kebbi, Ogun, Zamfara, Kogi, Benue, Bauchi, Niger and Bayelsa.

The MoU will presently empower the finish of the plant acquirement methods, establishment and charging to be conveyed inside year and a half or most recent by December 2019.

Despite the fact that Jigawa was not one of the states where the factories will be set up, Mr Muhammad trusts the endorsed plants were granted to determinations in his achievability report.

"Along the line, as I was seeking after this issue, the Federal Government endorsed 10 rice processes in Nigeria. These factories, 100 percent are my thought. I talked with an insider who said all these your work has been endorsed, every one of the correspondences have gone through tables. He said I ought to be cautious that these individuals can even damage me. He said I should follow my work at the Ministry of Agric.

"Before I presented my report, they previously had an arrangement that a few actualizes were originating from China. They simply needed me to set up the modalities and get ready ground for them as against their plans. The main distinction is the limit, every single other thing are the equivalent. My proposition was 140 tons, theirs is 100. I did everything to consummate particular; from heater to de-stoner, vitality productivity, how the rice brand can be utilized to control areas of the rice process. "They required just a single of mine to build up their own. It was a direct result of this arrangement that he demanded that I should take a shot at the rice process. Possibly that was a task they were on before I came, he simply chose to utilize me and dump me later," he said.


In the mean time, a couple of days to the marking of the MoU by the government, Mr Muhammad had moved toward the court to look for equity.

In the court papers seen by PREMIUM TIMES, the Vice President of Nigeria (Chairman of the Economic Management Team), The Attorney General of the Federation, Mr Bright and three others were recorded as litigants for the situation documented on July 2, 2018.

The inquirer looked for N275 million 'speaking to consultancy expenses for administrations rendered,' and N500 million 'speaking to harms for break of agreement.'

In another help, Mr Muhammad needs 14 percent pre-judgment intrigue, another 14 percent post-judgment intrigue and N5 million as expense of lawful activity.

Be that as it may, Mr Muhammad had different hindrances to battle with.

"He (The legal counselor) documented the case in July. In August, the court took some time off but since it's a human rights case, they allocated it to a judge. They served them court papers, yet no reaction.

"As I converse with you now, every time I call my attorney he'll state they have not re-alloted it. Afterward, he quit taking care of my calls."

Afterward, I went to the Federal High Court to follow my document and I understood that it has not been re-relegated. There, an insider disclosed to me that the case has some component of enthusiasm from individuals from above."

As at the season of recording this report, the case has not been doled out to a judge more than a half year subsequent to starting legitimate process.

Whenever reached, Mr Bright snapped at this columnist, demanding not to remark.

"Tune in, he has effectively gone to court. Try not to come and reveal to me anything about… shebi he has gone to court. Try not to come and ask me anything," Mr Bright said angrily.

"He has gone to court, for what reason should I be

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