A 21 Year Old Man Jailed over this

A Lagos State High Court, sitting in Igbosere, yesterday, condemned a 37 years of age broker Ahmed Ayanyemi, for assaulting his neighbor's six-year-old little girl.

Record: Rape

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Equity Sedoten Ogunsanya imprisoned him after he entered a supplication deal and confessed to the offense.

The judge said that the convict's correctional facility term takes impacts from November 19, 2016, when he was first remanded in jail care.

Ayanyemi, submitted the offense at 61 Kaka Zone II, in the Ayobo territory, at about 7pm, on October 25, 2016 .

He was said to have likewise performed foreplay with the minor before assaulting her.

He was first charged on October 26, 2016 under the watchful eye of an Ogba judge's court for assaulting his neighbor's six-year-old girl.

The indicting officer, Raphael Donny, referenced that the offense was culpable under area 135 (1) of the Criminal Laws of Nigeria, 2011.

Ayanyemi had argued not liable to the two-count charge favored as a detriment to him.

The managing Magistrate, F. Ikobayo, conceded the suspect to a safeguard of N500,000 with two sureties in like aggregate.

He was anyway re-summoned on November 19, 2016, under the watchful eye of the High court, and preliminary initiated, the convict anyway picked a request deal, which was conceded and he was condemned appropriately, to 21 years detainment.

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