Breaking: ASUU Sacks their Chairman Over Fraud

Teacher Monday Igbafen, suspended Chairman of the Ambrose Alli University (AAU) section of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), has prosecuted Ignatius Onimawo, Vice Chancellor of the college, in a N5.5billion Tertiary Education Trust Fund and NEEDS Assessment intercession subsidizes outrage.

Igbafen said this while tending to the press in Edo State, on the reason the organization suspended him.

The University's disciplinary board had found Igbafen liable of sexual offense. He was blamed for undermining to engage in sexual relations with understudies for imprints.

Be that as it may, he denied any bad behavior, demanding he was being defrauded for approaching the VC to represent the N5.5billion the foundation got from TETFUND and NEEDS.

Igbafen likewise expressed that the VC advanced his significant other from the situation of a typist to Lecturer 1, without having required capabilities.

He stated: "We tested him to be open and straightforward. You can't move your better half from no place and make her a Lecturer I without a PhD and scholastic graduate degree. We have been on the issue and he has made endeavors to bargain me as the executive of the association, and I can't.

"That prompted his distress that I ought to never be director of ASUU for the second time.

"The college has gathered more than N5.5billion for as long as five years. From the TETFUND, he has gotten more than N3.4billion, while the cash from NEEDS Assessment is more than N1.2billion.

"The association is requesting how he has used these assets. Is it a transgression to request how he has used our assets?"

In any case, because of the claims, Edward Aihevba, representative for the college, said Igbafen was articulated liable of the allegation after a board set up finished up the examination for the situation.

Aihevba noticed that the past organization did not do the proposals of the report put together by the board.

Aihevba additionally clarified that the spouse of the VC has required accreditations and capabilities before she was advanced.

He stated: "Educator Igbafen ought not be yelling. He is worried about the possibility that that he is sinking. He should recognize the cold hard reality. The person in question and her mom affirmed before a board, however the previous organization did not investigate the report.

"There are different things he did and at the fitting time, he will be made to respond in due order regarding them.

"The VC's significant other entered the college as a young lady. She got her degrees and was changed over by a previous organization and not her better half. She got her PhD and was made Lecturer I."

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