Human Rights Activist Maryam Awaisu Arrested Over #ArewaMeto Campaigns

One of the main campaigners of #ArewaMeToo, an online battle against sexual viciousness, particularly against ladies, in northern Nigeria was captured on Tuesday.

Maryam Awaisu, an author and dissident, was captured by men of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian police in her office in Kaduna.

Her capture, Amnesty International in Nigeria stated, was in association "to her inclusion in looking for equity for casualties of sexual maltreatment."

The Nigerian police is yet to remark on why Awaisu was captured.

"While capturing Maryam, the police endeavored to access her PC and cell phone by power," Amnesty said in an announcement.

"This is obviously a push to get to the touchy proof she and other human rights safeguards have been social affair to look for equity for casualties of sexual viciousness."

Nigeria is infamous for its disappointing arraignment of culprits of sexual savagery against ladies, a circumstance which permits infringement of ladies, including kids that could scarcely talk, go on practically unchecked.

A 2015 report by UNICEF takes note of that that one of every four young ladies and one out of ten young men had encountered sexual viciousness before the age of 18.

Non-government associations, some with spotlight on advanced development like #ArewaMeToo, as of late have advocated the reason for ladies who have been ambushed.

Activities, for example, the Tuesday capture of Awaisu can discourage casualties of sexual brutality from looking for equity.

"For a really long time, Nigeria's ladies have been confronting different sorts of sexual savagery that only occasionally gets legitimate consideration from the nation's law authorization organizations," Amnesty said.

"It is unsuitable that ladies dealing with benefit of these exploited people are exposed to such capture and terrorizing, and we dread that these activities may keep casualties of sexual viciousness from seeking after equity."

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