Just In: Australian Government Approves Emoji Plate Numbers

Tag personalization choices in the Australian territory of Queensland will before long incorporate emoticons, a move that most accept will definitely be trailed by different states demanding to have comparable choice.

"For a long while we've seen that you can bolster your most loved group or your most loved town with an image on your number plate," Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) representative Dr. Rebecca Michael disclosed to 7News Brisbane Tuesday. "What's more, utilizing an emoticon is the same."

At first, the emoticon accessible to be added to tags will incorporate a choice of five standard variations going from heart eyes to shades. For the time being, adding a miserable face emoticon to one's plate number won't be an alternative.

Authorities state that the emoticons are simply enlivening, for example not a piece of the enlistment number that is as yet required to show up on plates. Emoticon plates in Queensland will be accessible beginning at around $340 (₦123,000) on March first 2019.

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