Just In: Buhari Orders The Arrest Of Inec Federal Commissioner

Buhari is intending to harm and move rescheduled feb 23rd Saturday Election and have coordinated DSS welcome and keep the Federal Commissioner of INEC responsible for Operations Prof. Okechukwu Ibeanu for declining to help Buhari APC harm circulation and bargain of touchy race materials.

The Refusal of INEC to continue with stunned race amid the prematurely ended Feb 16 decision which destroyed Buhari APC fixing plan is the explanation behind the new hostile activity against INEC to scare them into accommodation. The plan to keep the Federal Commissioner today was on the sole induction of the previous DG of the DSS Lawal Daura who still runs the organization as a substitute and persuaded Buhari to enable the utilization of the DSS to clampdown on INEC to drive them to do their Bidding or damage the rescheduled decision and prevent it from holding.

We approach all Nigerians to ascend on against this continuous initiative maltreatment and franticness which have the possibility to toss Nigeria into an appointive brutality that will empower Buhari execute his uncivilized request that Security offices ought to freely begin murdering individuals under the pretense of Ballot box grabbing.

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