Serious Drama As Youths Celebrating Buhari's Victory Attack Policemen In Lagos

It has been accounted for that genuine frenzy was recorded in the Okokomaiko zone of Lagos, on Wednesday, as certain young people, who were observing President Muhammadu Buhari's re-appointment, assaulted and injured some policemen. 

As per Punch Metro, it was accumulated that the young from the Alaba Rago zone, blocked the two paths of the Mile 2-Badagry Expressway. 

It was discovered that the festival, which started around 7 am, brought about drivers being prevented the utilization from claiming the two paths of the street. 

An occupant, who recognized himself just as Peter, said the blockage of the street forestalled individuals, who were getting down to business on the Lagos Island, Apapa and different zones of the state, from moving openly, including that a ton of them needed to land from vehicles and trekked a few kilometers to get to their working environments. 

He included that the adolescent were likewise brutal as they heaved sachet water, rocks and sticks at individuals they suspected were not satisfied with their activities. 

As indicated by him, not long after, police agents arrived the scene to expel the tires and different things they utilized in blockading the freeway with the goal that suburbanites could pass. 

He said the police activity did not run down well with the young, who propelled assaults on the agents and harmed some of them simultaneously. 

Dwindle expressed, "Some overflowing Hausa young people, around 7am, obstructed the Mile 2-Badagry Expressway while commending the triumph of President Muhammadu Buhari in Saturday's presidential race. 

"The festival was not quiet in light of the fact that separated from obstructing the street, they were completely arranged for any individual who set out to question them. They wouldn't fret the gridlock that their activity caused. Be that as it may, when the police touched base to expel what they used to blockade the street, they assaulted the policemen and injured some of them." 

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Chike Oti, affirmed the occurrence, expressing that a few adolescents, who obstructed the Mile 2-Badagry Expressway at the Okokomaiko end, assaulted policemen on traffic task, who went to the zone to clear the barricade. 

He expressed that the policemen, driven by the Divisional Crime Officer, Sunday Oyekanmi, who were assaulted, had been taken to the medical clinic, treated and released, including that no one kicked the bucket in the occurrence. 

Oti disclosed to PUNCH Metro that the police had captured 37 young people, engaged with assaulting the agents. 

He stated, "A few young people obstructed the freeway and when the report got to the direction, it sent policemen on traffic task to the zone. At the point when the policemen arrived, they attempted to induce the adolescent to leave the street. 

"Simultaneously, the adolescent assaulted and harmed some policemen. Notwithstanding, we have captured 37 of them, who have been connected with the assault on the policemen." 

Essentially, criminals attacked a few roads on the Lagos Island and purportedly assaulted some Igbo merchants for not voting in favor of Buhari in Saturday's race. 

It was assembled that the assault, which happened around 9am, kept the dealers from opening their shops until police agents interceded. 

The criminals, who were said to have been equipped with weapons, apparently undermined the brokers, and were cited as saying, "We crusaded with them to vote in favor of Buhari, however they can't and voted in favor of Atiku; they can't come here to work together again; they should vote in favor of whoever we approach them to vote in favor of; on the off chance that they ever vote in favor of the PDP again, that will be their end." 

It was accumulated that the landing of policemen kept the occurrence from raising. 

Oti, be that as it may, said the criminals did not assault Igbo brokers; rather, they had a misconception among themselves, including that when the police were advised of the circumstance, they immediately activated to the territory and the hooligans were scattered gently. 

He stated, "The measure was gone for keeping the spread of brutality. Our men are wherever on the island to thwart any endeavor by 'territory young men's to incite inconvenience, which may prompt affray. 

"We have guaranteed inhabitants and laborers around the island region of the state to approach their ordinary business as the police are in full control of the territory; the entire spot is tranquil."

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