'The Sooner the liar ventures down the better': Fiona Onasanya's irate constituents require her to stop as MP after she is imprisoned for three months over speeding fine falsehood - and she could be booted out if simply 10% sign appeal

Fiona Onasanya, pictured arriving at the Old Bailey this morning. She will be leaving in a prison van this afternoon after she was handed a three-month jail sentence

Disrespected Labor MP Fiona Onasanya has been asked to 'do the better than average thing' and leave after she was imprisoned for three months.

The 35-year-old was discovered blameworthy of deceiving police to avoid a speeding ticket yet has so far would not venture down from her Peterborough situate.

Her constituents could drive a by-race if 10 percent of them sign a request which is activated naturally by the jail term.

Be that as it may, the request can't start until Onasanya has offered against her conviction, which could take months.

Onasanya, who hosts been ousted by the Labor Gathering, will keep on illustration her £77,000 pay in jail on the off chance that she doesn't empty the seat.

Parliamentary principles manage that just MPs imprisoned for a year or more are consequently compelled to venture down.

After the prison term was declared a portion of her constituents took to internet based life to request their MP's acquiescence.

Steven Farndale tweeted: 'And to think... @FionaOnasanyaMP should be my MP.

'The sooner the wicked liar ventures down and quits showing citizens a good time the better.'

Another Twitter client stated: 'Work have officially sacked her as will the constituents of Peterborough. Get the LIAR out of parliament.'

Dtives joined constituents encouraging her to 'do the better than average thing' and venture down.

A Labor Party representative said she had 'let the voters of Peterborough down' and ought to have surrendered when she was sentenced in December.

He stated: 'Be that as it may, the present sentence gives Fiona one final chance to act decently and leave from Parliament. She ought to do this immediately and not take another penny in pay from general society tote.

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