4 Common Types of Graduates Found In Nigeria 😀😀😀😁😁

I have considered the normal Nigerian alumni to a degree to know the few classes of them. We as a whole had the feeling that once we escape school, we would all turn out, land great positions and end up rich.

I surmise I wasn't the special case who has such mentality – we as a whole did.

Reality has occurred to us a smidgen and unmistakably it doesn't work that way any more in the event that you don't have "long legs".

This offered ascend to mental molding and made another outlook that turns into the genuine drive behind our identities generally.

In this article I will clarify the sorts of alumni that we have around us, so you can pick which one you would need to turn into.

Is it true that you are prepared?

Sorts of Graduates in Nigeria

Have you heard somebody state "I should make am" while dozing consistently, surfing the web, and visiting throughout the day?

That is the ordinary "talk and play" graduate.

They talk the discussion however don't walk the walk. They generally trust they can progress toward becoming who they need to be with no significant arrangement to back it up.

They move on from school and continue wanting for that fantasy work. They remain at home and visit work locales with the sole point of satisfying all exemplary nature. They don't generally think about beginning little.

All they need is turned out to be rich – the main issue is that they don't have the foggiest idea HOW!

The "God will do it" Graduates

Discussion about the individuals who invest more energy imploring than having an effect in their lives. They have every one of the chances to secure abilities, build up their own lives, yet they generally trust that God will do it time permitting.


I am not against religious convictions, however God has given every one of us that we have to succeed as of now. Supplicating from cash till night in the congregation won't give you the activity you need on the off chance that you aren't met all requirements for the activity.

Imploring won't give you a lucrative occupation in the event that you don't have the capabilities.

Will God do it for you? Ideally, on the off chance that you initially do it for yourself!

The "There is no activity anyplace" Graduates

These ones don't trust that there are occupations in Nigeria. They trust that you can either find a new line of work through association or you find a low-paying line of work.

They trust that steady employments are intended for those offspring of government officials. So when you disclose to them examples of overcoming adversity of individuals who have landed positions by adapting new aptitudes and utilizing them to apply for employments, they term it a tremendous untruth.

By and large, they ask "HOW?"

They overlook that the procedure is very basic. It is safe to say that you are among the "there is no employments" kind of alumni?

Sorry to learn you, the last sort of alumni will refute you.

The "Talk and Do" Graduate

He recognizes what he needs, he follows them, and he winds up effective. His companions call him fortunate, haters will say he is into something unlawful, and principle companions will term him persevering.

He will probably win a month to month salary of more than 150k Naira as a youthful alumni – and he is building that future.

He may not graduate with the best outcomes, however he realizes the key to find a lucrative line of work.

When you ask him the means, he will answer you honestly;

Pick a worthwhile aptitude (Software improvement, Mobile Application advancement)

Register and begin learning

Utilize your ability to apply for work

Begin profiting effectively.

It is as basic as the manner in which I have delineated here. The "Talk and do" graduate comprehends this, so he has done it as of now and profiting as of now.

He needs to end up rich simply like you and I needs as well, so he is now following what he needs. He comprehends that just a worthwhile expertise can find you a decent line of work, so he is caught up with learning abilities that will profit.

What kind of alumni would you say you are? Answer honestly utilizing the remark area

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