A woman Threatens To Report Rugged Man To The FBI Over Fraud (Pictures)

An American woman has desperately threaten to report a Nigerian rapper, Michael Stephens, otherwise known as Rugged man, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over charges of extortion.

The woman recognized as @Coleendupri on Instagram asserted that the performer cheated her of cash.

Ruggedman uncovered the claims by the American, and shared screen captures of discussions he had with the lady through IG direct message.

The artist has anyway denied the charges, saying some fraudsters may have utilized his photos to trick the lady.

From the screen captures shared by Ruggedman, the lady composed:

"Kiss my rear end you bitch. You defrauded cash from me. For what!

"You are a falsehood! You whine to Nigeria about what you individuals are, and you are one of the awful ones.

"Whatever. I'm taking this to the FBI here and let them handle it"

The rapper in his response to the claim stated:

"I truly don't have a clue what she's about however, its conceivable individuals utilizing my photographs and phony records on the web may have defrauded her yet I'm certain I've put out a few cautioning about that previously. She's allowed to answer to whichever specialist she satisfies possibly we'll comprehend it better."

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