Check Out The Reactions Of Many Nigerians As They Lambasted A couple For Portraying an Immoral Act Publicly.

Two Nigerian lovers have come under severe lambasting over their incessant display of their affection publicly. 

They parked their car by the roadside, along Lagos - Ibadan expressway and  came out to romance each other for a very long period time.

The guy checked  if the girl was putting on panties by pulling down her skirt, and unfortunately she was pantless. The guy asked the camera guy covering them to come closer so as to capture them clearly. 

This has made a lot of Nigerians angry as they are currently lambasted for their useless and immoral action. 

check out some reactions seriously criticizing their action:

Elyah_1: "End time is just getting closer day by day. Shame has left this world"

Ugobills101: By now you should know your stand in this relationship�if dem dey open your ass 4 express way one day dem go open am for big market.���"

Memeisdarlyn: "Them wan go use this one do rituals chai! Jesus save her"

Mcndfunny: "Some ladies can be highly stupid.. even on the high way"

Makaveli______1996: "Smh after a yahoo boy don open ur pant for roadside and lick ur ugly ass then later him come dump you �‍♂️ what next �‍♂️ 89% of Nigerian ladies no get shame and dignity �‍♂️ and u expect a good man to put this one for house � � do not allow any guy do this poo to up....."

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