Just In: A Female Pastor, Shantelle Jepchumba's Seriously Criticized Over Her Exposed Dress

A pregnant female minister has been vigorously scrutinized over her clothing after an image of her circulated around the web, demonstrating her thighs while lecturing amid community gathering.

The photograph demonstrates Pastor Shantelle Jepchumba of Glorious Heaven Ministries in Kimwarer, Kenya, wearing a dress with a long front cut which uncovered her thighs..

Most web clients felt that the 'godly woman' communicated a lot of her thighs, that could prompt good rot and inappropriate behavior of her devotees.

" Waah,,,, all fake,,how do you go to chapel dressed that way,,on the podium," said Maria Ondiso.

In any case, a few people felt that the minister ought not be responsible to anybody concerning her clothing regulation, embracing the notorious line of 'my dress my decision'.

"She's simply alright. I can't perceive any issue with her. You said Owuor's adherent puts on magunia… let her wear that is her dress decision," said Lilian Engesia.

"We know about the fallen angels traps to cut down the congregation of Christ. Regardless of whether that woman was in a club, online life will append church, offer titles to her as a minister to make the world not have confidence in the gospel.

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