Just In:Flood Kills 20 people In Afghanistan

Nothing less than 20 individuals were killed by blaze floods in southern Afghanistan's Kandahar area, the UN said Saturday, as overwhelming downpours cleared away homes and vehicles and conceivably harmed a great many houses.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said across the board flooding indudated Kandahar city and encompassing regions in the territory, with 97mm of downpour falling in influenced territories over the most recent 30 hours.

"Just like 10 individuals, including kids, are as yet absent," said the UN office in an announcement.

"It is foreseen that up to 2,000 homes may have been harmed", with serious harm to framework likewise being accounted for.

Kandahar's representative senator Abdul Hanan Moneeb said the flooding was the most exceedingly bad in no less than seven years, with numerous traveling herders stayed outdoors in the region cleared away by the floodwaters alongside their domesticated animals.

The authority included that 400 families have been safeguarded by the Afghan armed force since the flooding started late Friday night.

Salvage activities, be that as it may, were to a great extent postponed because of overwhelming precipitation, Raziq Shirzai, the commonplace officer of the Afghan flying corps, told AFP.

Fiascos, for example, torrential slides and blaze floods regularly hit rocky zones and stream valleys of Afghanistan as snow softens in the spring and summer. It is aggravated by deforestation.

Substantial snowfall crosswise over vast swathes of Afghanistan this winter has raised feelings of dread of extreme flooding as spring approaches, following long periods of obliterating dry spell in the nation.

About 50 individuals have been murdered as of February 12 because of flooding in Afghanistan so far this year, as per the UN.

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