Lady Speaks Out On How Her Ex Boyfriend Cheated On her & She Reciprocated

An African woman, while communicating and uncovering the motivation behind why her sweetheart parted ways with her, has said he engaged in sexual relations with her companion and in striking back, she did same to him.

The woman additionally expressed that her sweetheart transformed into a minister a long time after the episode and he purportedly gave a declaration in chapel on how God spared him from a horrendous circumstance, which was her.

Peruse her tweet:

So my Ex is a minister now and he is utilizing me as a declaration of how God can convey you from terrible circumstances. Men are refuse. The thing is, He laid down with My companion and I laid down with his.

He sent long messages after he discovered and left. Weeks after the fact he is an evangelist at a neighborhood church saying how God conveyed him, similar to Dude was that blessed in this?

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