R&B Star R Kelly Wins In Court As He Denies Sexual Abuse Allegations

The artist was charged a month ago, in spite of the fact that he has since argued not blameworthy to the violations he's been blamed for. Be that as it may, tonight , his first meeting since being charged will air. CBS shared a little bit of it before today.

R. Kellly sat down with Gayle King in his first meeting since being accused of 10 tallies of sexual unfortunate behavior.

The vocalist precluded all from claiming the charges against him while separating into tears. The vocalist said that his past case is causing issues down the road for him.

"Old bits of gossip, new gossipy tidbits, future bits of gossip. False!' he said. In the wake of asserting he beat his case, Gayle reveals to him he was cleared. He answered,

"You can't twofold risk me. That is not reasonable. When you beat your case, you beat your case!"

Be that as it may, Kells achieved an enthusiastic pinnacle when he straight denied every one of the charges made against him.

"How dumb would I be to do that?!" He answered when inquired as to whether he at any point held any lady without wanting to. "That is dumb! Utilize your good judgment. Disregard how you feel about me. Detest me on the off chance that you need to, cherish me on the off chance that you need. Simply utilize your presence of mind. How moronic would it be for me, with my insane past and what I have experienced, presently I should be a beast and hold young ladies without wanting to and chain them in my cellar and don't give them a chance to eat?"

He included, "Stop it, y'all quit playin'! I didn't do this stuff! This isn't me! I'm battling for my fucking' life!"

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