Singer Black Face Calls 2face Gay, Explains Why.

Vocalist Blackface has at last opened up on the motivation behind why he called 2face gay in another tune he discharged days prior.

While talking in a meeting with LIB, he said the reality he called him gay may not really man he is gay and it is typical for artistes to state various types in a diss melody.

He said;

'Indeed I called him Gay, its an ordinary thing in music when you are yabbing somebody, individuals have been doing it for a long time. I can manhandle his mom and state anything its typical'.

At the point when inquired as to why he chose to put out a diss tune regardless of the way that they have a pending case in court, Blackface stated,

'having a case in court doesn't prevent me from doing music. He has a similar case in court and he's been taking mystery shots at me with his 'Oyi' and different melodies, so it is anything but an issue by any stretch of the imagination'.

He proceeded to state,

'I've generally said it that if and when I need to yab 2face I'll get him out straightforwardly, dislike him that has been taking mystery shots at me for a very long time. Proceed to tune in to 'Oyi' he's taking shots at me however he's utilizing the Idoma language to confound you individuals that its an adoration tune 'Oyi' is utilized to allude to a male in his language.

In the event that you additionally tune in to his melody 'Just Me', the line 'I no state no be everyone sabi make a move' line is likewise specifically a shot at me. On the off chance that he's sufficiently intense, he should concede a meeting to address the issue however he won't'.

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