Tragedy As Two Undergraduate killed Friend for Rituals

Knife stab

The suspects were Paraded together with nine others who were arrested for robbery and cultism at the State Police  Command Headquarters,  Mr. Omololu Bishi who is the State Police Commissioner, said among the arrested suspects was a suspended Police officer, who led some team to murder a former Speaker in the state.
  Mr. Omololu Bishi said:  “The Command had received a petition from one Iorumbur Amanger that Hyginus Mbachii defrauded him of N209,150 being fee for the admission of his son, Afa Amanger into a university in Cameroon.
“That the suspect had travelled with his son to Cameroon and since then he could not communicate with his son.
“During the investigation,  Hyginus Mbachii and Gambo Bulus were arrested last week in connection with the case.
“The suspects confessed to have killed Afa Amanger since January 5 for ritual purpose and had been collecting money from the complainant for personal use.
“The corpse of the deceased has been recovered from the hospital where the suspects earlier abandoned the victim.”
While the suspect were Narrating their own side of the story, they confessed that they all belonged to a cult group and had together planned to kill an unsuspecting victim for money ritual.
According to Hyginus Mbachii, “when we met at a primary school in town to perfect the plan to assassinate a person for the ritual, a quarrel erupted among us and Gambo stabbed Afa.
“We took him to a hospital in town where we abandoned him and fled. He was not actually the main target, because we all planned the mission together. It was the quarrel that led to stabbing him  and his death.”

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