A British Man Gives His Take On Corruption In Nigeria Photos

 What I hate about corruption in Africa and specifically Nigeria is there is no real sense to it. The corruption paralyzes and destroys the countries internally. There is no sense to it. What is the sense in not having electrical power, roads, functioning hospitals? It is like corruption for the sake of corruption. I don't see any sense in it.

We have corruption in the west, sure. Most of it is making a buck. I mean, politicians will "skim" for a buck on shady construction deals, but the construction still gets done. Power company people will lie and steal, but we still have power. I can go on and on.
I remember reading that when we were rebuilding Korea (I have tried to find the link to this again but can't) that we tolerated a corruption rate of about 15% **so long as things were being rebuilt and the work was getting done.** That was a cost of doing business and I am not condoning it, but it was a reality.
The African corruption is sad because there is just no sense to it. Can't there be more money made if there is 100% power? If there are roads? If there are solid schools and hospitals? Just some of my observations on the corruption I see from afar.

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