Elephant Breaks Its Chain, Destroys Cars, Electric Poles & Walls In Indian Photos

 Elephant Breaks Its Chain, Causes Heavy Damage In Indian Community (Video)

Elephant goes on rampage in Kerala’s Palakkad district in India, creates panic among residents.

The elephant managed to break free after being brought for a temple festival. It injured itself and its mahout in the incident.

Several vehicles, two electric posts and a boundary wall were damaged by the elephant before its trainer was able to bring it under control with the help of an elephant squad The Indian Express reports.

Residents in the area posted many videos of the elephant running wild and toppling cars. People were seen running after the elephant in a bid to stop it.

Watch the videos below

Source: http://www.thefamousnaija.com/2019/04/india-elephant-breaks-free-in-keralas.html?m=1

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