Charles Dny Jaja: Wedding Photos Of Nigerian Man And His Oyinbo Wife

A Nigerian man, Charles Dny Jaja has shared beautiful photos of his newly wedded wife, he captioned it...

"Today we are celebrating true love and partnership! It was a long journey. With set backs, frustrations and waiting involved. But if you honestly and deeply love someone, you won't give up, no matter the difficulties. And we were an amazing team so far. Nothing could keep us apart. And now we were finally able to enjoy this wonderful day in Nigeria �
We are overwhelmed by the support of friends and families. To stay by our side, give us the strength to keep going, being welcomed in each others families. Even those who couldn't be present were always with us in heart. We are very grateful and happy to be married ❤️ we pray that our love will keep striving, keep growing."

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Source: https://www.musictori.com/2019/05/beautiful-photos-of-nigerian-man-and.html

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