Ike Ekweremadu Speaks on Him Quitting Politics By 2023

The Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, has declared that he would not look for re-election into the Senate in 2023, taking note of that God had been caring to him, raising him to address gigantic difficulties looked by his kin.

He talked on Sunday at an occasion to check his 57th birthday celebration and to acknowledge God and his constituents for his re-appointment and triumphs.

Ekweremadu reviewed how he turned into the Chairman of his age grade relationship at age 10 and filled in as President-General of Mpu Town Union, pioneer chose Chairman of Aninri LGA, Chief of Staff of Enugu Government House, Secretary to Enugu State Government, fourth term Senator, third term Deputy President of the Senate, and the principal Nigerian Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament".

He, in any case, saw that it had not been all ruddy as he had additionally confronted genuine political difficulties and abuses.

"We are amassed here today to stamp the marvelousness of God in my life and to thank all of you for remaining by me over one more year of injury in my legislative issues, including the endeavor on my life and lives of my relatives, the ambush on my freedom, and all the insidious plans of the shrewd individuals in our general public against my individual and governmental issues. I have experienced the valleys of the shadow of death. I have been seared and wounded for my political convictions and assurance to protect the standards of majority rule government and maintain equity for each portion of this country.

"For sure, without the all-powerfulness of God and your constancy, I would not have been here to recognize the triumph of God's effortlessness over the insidious goals of fiendish spirits in high and low places of our general public", he said.

Ekweremadu communicated bliss over the improvements his portrayal had conveyed to his kin.

"My life and political odyssey are results of heavenly elegance working through fate aides like you, for I know what I am used to. I likewise know how far the Almighty God has brought me.

"I have additionally thought back on the most recent 16 years, which I have spoken to Enugu West as their Senator and I can just express gratitude toward God for our achievements. I have attempted to remember our good fortune. I have endeavored to name them one by one. I should admit that I am really astonished at what the Lord has accomplished for us.

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