Reno Omokri Says “Real Men Need SUPPORT, Not CONTROL”

Reno Omokri Speaks Out
Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has come out to say that any man a woman can controls is still a boy and will not show much happiness in the relationship.

While posting his daily Reno nuggets on his Twitter page, the political activist targeted women and told them to rejoice when they come across a man they can’t control as that is the definition of a real man.
He then further stated that men do not need control but support.

He tweeted,
Dear women,

If you find a man that you cant CONTROL, don't be disappointed. Instead, go and rejoice. You have found a REAL MAN. Any man that you can control is still a boy and that relationship will not be happy. Real Men need SUPPORT, not CONTROL
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